Nowadays in dentistry, technology is becoming part of it’s daily routine, transforming previous uncomfortable experiences to more pleasant ones. At DentAll clinic we invest on patients’ comfort so it’s our priority to provide the best available treatment options.

Intraoral scanner is on of the additions to our dental routine the past years and it has improved our work including most importantly the patient’s satisfaction.

This scanner is the tool used in dentistry to produce a digital image (direct optical impression), allowing us to design, visualize and eventually fabricate any prosthetic restoration like crowns, veneers and bridges. This is done by acquiring a series of images, subsequently processed by a specific software, which reproduce all the elements of the oral cavity, maintaining consistency with the real characteristics of the same and reducing the margin of error to a minimum.

It’s fast, clean and very precise allowing the dentist to produce a fine work. It has the ability to save the images, repeat the process and reproduced as many times as the dentist desires the end result.

So forget the discomfortable old impression techniques that used to use materials that smell and caused unpleasant feelings like gag reflex. Nowadays impression technique became a fast accurate and comfortable life experience.

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