Nitrous oxide is the most common inhaled anesthetic used in dentistry to control anxiety and pain.

Nitrous oxide or in other words laughing gas is a colorless and odorless gas with a sight sweet smell. It aims to depress central nervous system (CNS) and cause euphoria with little effect on the respiratory system.

Nitrous oxide has rapid uptake and is excreted quite fast from the lung. Due to minor depression caused in cardiac output, there is a particular advantage in treating patient with cerebrovascular system disorders such as stroke, carotid stenosis, vertebral stenosis and intracranial stenosis, aneurysms, and vascular malformations.

Nitrous oxide causes minimal impairment of any reflexes, thus there is no significant risk of losing protective reflexes. All vital signs are stable and the the patient responds normally to all verbal commands. The patient is able to return to pre-procedure mobility.

In Dentall clinic at Limassol we can provide such a privilege service to our patients and manage to turn their scary treatments to more pleasant experiences with no stress and importantly with out pain.

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