Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design

Smile on the other hand betrays your age and expresses your inner character. Esthetic Dentistry became part of our contemporary generation. Esthetics is an important factor in many peoples lives and demands are dramatically increasing every day. Therefore dentistry found an innovative way to provide the best possible result by taking under consideration several factors such as facial parameters as well as functional and personal preferences of the patient. Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a tool that helps the dentist (smile designer) use all the above factors along with a series of intraoral and extraoral photographs or videos to create the final desired smile that corresponds to the patients needs/wills and of course follows the golden guidelines to reach an “esthetic smile”.

DSD is taking several criteria like age, facial characteristics, patient’s desire and expectations under consideration and tries to execute the best fitted smile outcome to reflects each personality.

So its time for you to test yourself. Evaluate you smile, and find what you don’t like. This will definitely help your dentist to create the best possible outcome that will fulfill your personal expectations. Let your dentist take you to the “next level”.


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