Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry

Prevent your teeth from damage over time

Nowadays A to Z importance is to preserve teeth. This starts from very young age and continues though years. New generation dentistry strongly believes on prevention that can be achieved by regular hygienic visits which can detect and restore at an early stage. These visits contribute to prevent any undesired bacterial invasion (cavities) and preserve the vital nature of teeth.

“It takes two to tango” and so does preventive dentistry. Patient’s devotion to the directions plus dentist’s services can only achieve prevention.

Preventive dentistry consists of several dental procedures such as regular scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning), series of intraoral x-rays, brushing techniques demonstration, fluoride application and last but not least preventive sealants.

Preventive Dentistry



Scaling and polishing: regular check ups approximately every 6 mouths depending on the patient’s needs


Intraoral X-rays: show the interproximal spaces between teeth. These areas can be easily decayed due to poor oral hygiene.Usually are repeated every 1,5 – 2years


Brushing technique: each patient’s oral needs are different and therefore requires different brushing approach


Fluoride application: fluoride is a substance that helps the tooth to become stronger by bonding on the tooth’s structure. It can be applied as a gel or paste. Usually is applied every 4-6 months. Uncontrolled use of fluoride can reach undesirable result called as fluorosis


Preventive Sealants: is a preventive filling and without removing any tooth structure it covers the fissures of mainly posterior teeth to prevent any occlusal cavities

“Hand to hand” work though the years can achieve an outstanding and enviable results that you will be proud of.


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