Teeth Whitening

Information You Need To Know about Teeth Whitening in Limassol Cyprus

In Office Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

It is simple and fast one-visit procedure which consists of 4 cycles of bleaching material application that is activated by using a UV light during each cycle. During this procedure, the first thing to do is to isolate the soft tissues so only the hard tissues (teeth) can be shown. The bleaching material is applied all over the fontal teeth surfaces. The approximate working time is an hour followed by 5 min fluoride application to relieve the possible teeth post-treatment sensitivity.

Home Bleaching Technique

Is an also a simple procedure where the dentist take an upper and lower impressions that are used afterwards to fabricate the bleaching custom made trays. These trays are then given to the patient that are going to be used as a “host” for the bleaching material always after the dentist instructions and demonstration. The bleaching gel is stronger and tends to be more effective. Patient is recommended to use these trays from an hour up to the whole night during sleep. The procedure it usually takes 7 to 30 days.

Combination of bleaching techniques

This may also be known as “power” teeth bleaching. Here, the home and office teeth whitening treatments are used in combination to obtain the desired result. The home bleaching stage may occur before or after office treatment, depending on the type of product used

Internal Bleaching Technique

Is a very easy and painless procedure that is only be used by the dentist on a discoloured endodontically treated tooth. The gel of the bleaching material is placed inside the tooth. During this procedure the dentist drills on the posterior part on the tooth an access hole where it can reach the endodontic material filled the root canal and be able to remove approximately 0.5-1mm and applied the bleaching material. Then the tooth access hole is covered by a temporary filling. The material stays there approximately for a week and afterwards is been evaluated by the dentist. In case that the result is not the desired one the procedure may repeated. When the tooth reach the desired shade tone then the tooth is restored closing the access hole by composite and sometime for even higher esthetic results a ceramic veneer may be recommended. Occasionally, internal bleaching needs to be combined with other whitening techniques to achieve the desired effect.

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