A bright white “healthy” smile is a must and people are attracted to it.

Do you have yellowish teeth that you may don’t like and you want to do something about it? Do you need to have nice natural-looking results?

Professional teeth bleaching procedure is your answer. Simply having a consultation with your dental provider can help you to decide which option is ideal for you and what can apply to your situation.

Usually, the discoloration on teeth is divided into two categories:

  1. Extrinsic Discoloration – are the stains that accumulate on the outside surface of the teeth and it can easily be removed from the teeth by professional teeth cleaning and polishing and then maintenance of good oral hygiene at home by using good whitening products.

TIPS – reducing habits like – consuming dark-colored food and beverages and using tobacco can enhance your smile

  1. Intrinsic discoloration: is caused due to age, necrosis of the tooth, or even chemicals like (tetracycline) that affect the inner color of the teeth. These cases are treated by procedures called teeth bleaching, where there is an exchange of products with oxygen and helps the teeth to get whiter.

Options available to remove the intrinsic teeth discolaration:

  1. home bleaching procedure – custom-made trays are made just for your upper and lower teeth and bleaching syringes are given to you that will use for a certain period of time depending on your beginning shade. The dental provider will give you a detailed explanation of your daily use and what to take care.
  2. Office bleaching procedure – another procedure that takes place on the dental chair that approximately lasts for 45 min to 2 hours. During this session the dental provider isolates your gums and tongue and then he/she applies the bleaching material on all upper and lower teeth (front surface). Each session lasts about 15min. Then is usually advised to use a home bleaching material for a few days to enhance the result if needed.


For long-term results is suggested to avoid any habits like smoking, and consuming dark-colored beverages and food.

case 2 before case 2 after

case 4 before case 4 after

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